Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts
Season 5, Episode 6
LG-(506) Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts
Air date January 11, 2015
Written by Sandra Chwialkowska
Directed by David Greene
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Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts is the sixth episode of Season 5.


  • Sandra Chwialkowska


Bo and Tamsin infiltrate the world of college football to investigate a homicide that might expose the Fae. Dyson investigates a murder victim who won’t stay dead.



Triskele of blood (506)
Thunder Cheerleaders (506)
Alicia Welles (506)

Alicia Welles

Clay Jonas - Heraclid (506)

Clay, Heraclid

Tamsin goes football player (506)
Thunder Stadium game day (506)
Zee feeds (506)
Bo zapped by Zee (506)
Humans killed in elevator crash (506)
Bo-Trick-Lauren-Dyson-Tamsin (506)
Ancient Fae Family - Iris Zee Heratio (506)

Ancient family

Songs and Music

  • Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah!  by Imani Coppola
  • Just This Side Of Insane  by Keaton Simons
  • Star of County Down  courtesy APM Music
  • Who's Hot Who's Not (Hot Radio Mix)  by Creature


The episode title is a wink to "Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose!" — the famous catchphrase of the high school football team from the American television series "Friday Night Lights."