Christoph was a Light Fae Ballet Dancer.

Christoph (208)
First appearance: Death Didn't Become Him








Light Fae


Ballet Dancer

Known Relatives:

Donovan (husband)

Portrayed by:

Chad Connell

Character arc

An old friend of Trick, Christoph was an exceptional ballet dancer. One day he got into an argument with his husband, Donovan about one of his performances. Donovan refused to attend, so Christoph drove himself to the theater and was killed in a car accident. Donovan felt guilt over his death because he did not have an opportunity to have closure with Christoph before he died.

A couple of days after Christoph's burial, his grave was robbed by thralls of a Lich so that he could experience the pleasures of dancing.

Christoph's body was brought before the Lich, who then ressurected him. Christoph demanded to see his husband, but the Lich said some words and in an instant turned him into a thrall.

Bo and Dyson went to find the Lich, who had been making Christoph dance vigorously and dangerously. The Lich refuses to hand Christoph over and instead invites Bo to come to a performance, but without Dyson.

Christoph reanimated (208)

Bo comes to the performance with Lauren. As they are watching Christoph dance, Bo attempts to get information from the Lich and find a way to stop him, but it ultimately results in Bo and Lauren being restrained.

The Lich demands that Bo feed from Lauren so that he can experience the pleasure of a succubus chi-feed, but when Bo, chained by the neck, refuses to do so he shoots her in the abdomen and she falls to her knees. Lauren rushes to Bo and tells her to feed from her to save herself, but she refuses to do it. The Lich responds by having Lauren seized and held down on a table, and then holds a large sharp knife against Lauren's throat, threatening to slit it if Bo does not comply with his demand. Bo, in distress, bends down to the floor, then suddenly rises, body glowing, and begins suck the chi out of everyone in the room, save for Lauren. Then Bo begins to speak in a loud and eerie voice, breaks the chain holding her, and faints. When she awakes, she rushes to Christoph's body and revives him by transferring chi into him.

Christoph and Donovan embrace at The Dal. Donovan tells Trick that they will go to their cottage to spend Christoph's last moments together. Trick tells him that Christoph may only have three days or even less. Donovan replies that when Christoph died he begged for five more minutes with him, and any time would be a blessing.