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This category contains the  ' How To '  instructions for creating  New Pages  for  ActorsCharactersEpisodesSpecies,  and  Miscellaneous  type pages;  and how to adapt  Images  and include them in the Lost Girl Wiki.

Before you create a New Page:  take a look at existing articles ( i.e. pages ) to understand the methodology of the Lost Girl Wiki and how pages are edited in it.  Create and edit pages according to the style and format of this wiki.

Wanted  pages are subjects that need a page created for them ( subjects needing their own pages appear in  red  within the text of articles ).

( If this is your first time creating or editing a page in the Lost Girl Wiki:  please take a few moments to read the  policies and procedures  of this wiki to familiarize yourself with how to be an effective editor and member of the Lost Girl Wiki. )

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