• A-91

    Okay, while I'm not sure if anybody else blogged about this, BUT something has been boggling my mind ever since I saw the Amazon listing.

    We all know that season five is the final season of the show and that it stopped mid-season and finished up later, but why in the world did this motivate Giant Ape/FUNimation to split the season in half for the US? Did they think Michelle Lovretta got screwed akin to Seth MacFarlane when Family Guy had it's first cancellation, but in reverse (season one was split, making one half seaon one, while the other went into season two, and as a further result season two has both Meg's voice actresses, Lacey Chabert and Mila Kunis)?

    Unrelated Side note: I bought the DVD yesterday, despite not having or seen season …

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  • A-91

    Okay, although I'm more of a newer fan of Lost Girl (started watching last year when it was announced that season five would the last... perfect timing on my end, I suppose, still haven't gotten to season three though, having only the first two seasons on US DVD, thankfully uncut and closer to the UK/Canadian version I first watched, kinda like uncut/Japanese versions of anime or UK/Hong Kong version of Police Story, as I'm not sure how the US Netflix version was handled, but I digress), so you won't see me much (or at all) here... BUT...

    A few days ago the ten-eleven (depending on the version) year old Star Wars video game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (particularly the PC version) gets an update which includes an additio…

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  • Suzanarchy

    season 4

    May 14, 2015 by Suzanarchy

    Right now I have 7 more (delicious) eppisodes of season 4. I am afraid If I read too much I will get too many spoilers! I have watched several Episodes of season 4 though.. really sad this Wikia said this is the last season.. :(   

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  • A Grog

    Lost Girl Location

    May 3, 2015 by A Grog

    I was curious. Does anyone know Where Lost Girl is supposed to take place? I have been following the show since season 1, and have not heard any mention of the show's location. There was a snippit about Amsterdam, then a reference to The Colonies. But, no Names. Any ideas?

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  • Virago a-go-go

    All episodes broadcast in the United States are edited. American viewers do not see the same Lost Girl seen by Canadians. British and Australian audiences also get the original, uncut versions. So now in its final season, what will be trimmed for Syfy U.S. — and what will stay?

    Name that cut!

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  • Virago a-go-go


    April 8, 2015 by Virago a-go-go

    Lost Girl's infamous plot holes. Will we ever know the answer or see a resolution:

    1. Lou Ann (1.08): what happened after resurrection? Where is she now?
    2. Bo and Lauren's promised "talk" (1.13).
    3. Kenzi's debt to The Morrigan (2.15).
    4. Lachlan's wax-sealed letter (2.20): what did it contain? Where did it go?
    5. Val Santiago: where did she go after the battle against The Garuda (2.22)?
    6. Bo breaking Dawning rules of The Temple by taking Dyson (her "Hand") when she exited (3.09): no consequences?
    7. Lauren's brother (4.04): who is he? Where is he?
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  • Virago a-go-go

    The crux of Lost Girl has been a protagonist that defies expectations, and the slogan for the series is:  "Everyone has vampires. We've got a succubus."

    Besides positioning itself as a TV show  that bucked the popular vampire genre followed by other supernatural and fantasy televisions series of the time, Lost Girl positioned itself as atypical from what you are served with other lead female characters. It also portrayed bisexuality and homosexuality as a fact of life that no one questioned or was surprised by, and non-"traditional" relationships were as valued and compatible as heterosexual relationships.

    With this in mind — regarding the two lovers that have been a major element of Bo's emotional and sexual evolution since the conception of…

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  • SublimeMaya

    Can anybody tell me the meaning of Tamsin as 'the strange neighbour' in the ceremony? I do have my own theories, but I am curious about everyone else opinion --SublimeMaya 22:08, September 19, 2014 (UTC)

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  • SublimeMaya

    I thought that Aife told Bo that that she is dark fae? That is why she attacked the Ash and when she first met Bo asked why she was feeding on her 'territory'. SublimeMaya (talk) 10:27, August 14, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Bhawna.pathik

    I  love lost girl and known the show since 2012, I know i was a late started  and this show is not shown to free to air  so didnt know what it was about.  Well I did I loved it as I am into fantasy stories with vampire zombie and werewolf.  The best part of the show was when I saw zoie plamer in white lab coat  appearing. I love all the characters in lost girl specially the female casts.  I am crazy about Zoie  folllowed by Anna silk and not forgetting  emmanuelle the leader

    I love the series Lost Girl and first Time I this show was in 2012 when I was bored and have seen all the fantasy series. Found this series after my girlfriend teasing me lost girl early in the morning so end up typing as thought she was giving me name for a TV show, s…

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  • AaronHW


    February 15, 2014 by AaronHW

    Can someone add pages for the creatures from season 4? 

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  • MrAnonymous

    I've been thinking recently it's been mentioned that the Pyripus is the Devil's horse(I'm not sure if that's what they said exactly or if I miss heard it but I think that was the jist of it) and succubi are connected to demons as are witches(Bo's dad if I'm not mistaken killed two to save her) so I can't help but think Bo is the daughter of the Devil. What do you think? People are saying it could be Odin but with everything going on Bo's father for all we know could be anyone.

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  • Jiskran

    Random musings

    September 29, 2013 by Jiskran

    Looking at the site, I wonder if it might benefit from some more categories, and, if so, which? It seems to me that grouping the origins of Fae by the mythologies and cultures from which they come could well help, and possibly some kind of threat rating might also be appropriate (from a human standpoint). Perhaps also some delineation of classes, such as whether a shaman does or does not belong with 'Witches'. Should there be a separate label for pages which contain only 'out of universe' information? Would an 'Unseen' category, for folk and Fae only mentioned, be useful?

    Obviously, endless new categories, each with only a couple of members, would be pointless, but at present there seem to me to be very few. I was also considering whether a…

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  • Egronnie

    This is something I've thought a lot about. Being a gay woman, I'm really very fond of Valkubus. Bo and Tamsin are super cute together and it's pretty awesome to have an actual LGBT couple on regular television. I know that going into season 4 the future of their relationship is a little in doubt, with Rachel Skarstan saying she's all team Dyson and everything. That being said, here are the pros and cons I see with the major relationships that Bo has had and the reasons why I think Tamsin really is the best for Bo.  However the next season goes (especially with the addition of new cast members) I just really want Bo to be happy and not have to worry about drama in her love life!

    Dyson x Bo

    Pros -

    • He's really loyal to Bo, even going with her i…
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  • Zoepeanut2000

    Bo's Father

    March 14, 2013 by Zoepeanut2000

    I believe that Bo's father is Blackthorn from the beginning of Season 2. He knew to much concerning Bo and Trick. This kind of information made me wonder if he learned this information from Bo's mother.

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  • Sumveras

    Episode Summaries!

    March 11, 2013 by Sumveras

    Very soon I plan to start writing detailed episode summaries...

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  • Ameso2


    February 17, 2013 by Ameso2

    best show

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  • KurayamiUthmar


    January 15, 2013 by KurayamiUthmar

    Hi! Just dipping my toes into the sand here. Don't mind me, I'll mostly stick to the Vex page~

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  • StarFire209

    I'm a big proponent of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. I also dislike redundancies and inaccuracies in word choices. So a lot of my edits will be clean up of that nature. I've noticed that English appears to be a second language for some people so I may follow new entries by those people and do some clean up. No offense is intended.

    Because this is a Canadian show, I will try to use Canadian rather than American (my native English) spellings. If I miss something, please correct me.

    I'm also a fan of logical thinking so I may remove or adjust conclusions that are not logically sound. Again, this is intended to improve the wiki and not to insult or offend anyone.

    Cheers and happy wiki-ing!

    StarFire209 15:00, March 13, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Cwluc

    Lost Girl on DVD

    January 31, 2012 by Cwluc

    It's finally been announced, Lost Girl Season 1 on DVD coming out March 27, 2012. Just order my copy the other day. Yay!

    EDIT: Now been delayed until April 24, 2012. I don't really understand why because I know people who have the disc in hand for review purposes and what not. Shame.

    More info here.

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