Big in Japan
Season 5, Episode 3
LG-(503) Big in Japan
Air date December 21, 2014
Written by Alexandra Zarowny
Directed by Ron Murphy
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Big in Japan is the third episode of Season 5.


  • Alexandra Zarowny


Bo and Tamsin protect a Japanese warrior with a hit on his head. Lauren deals with death threats of her own.



Lauren-Dyson (Elizabeth Helm corpse) (503)
Musashi Fae (503)
Lauren w Dyson shuriken throw (503)-2
Tomoe (503)
Lauren and Tamsin (503)
Akaname (503)
Bo-Dyson-Lauren-Tamsin and candle (503)
Elizabeth Helm resurrected (503)

Songs and Music

  • Bangalore  courtesy APM Music
  • Dublin Nights  courtesy APM Music
  • I've Been Expecting You  courtesy APM Music
  • Lost In Shanghai  courtesy APM Music
  • Meditation  courtesy APM Music
  • One For The Body (Instrumental Version)  by Wildlife
  • Reel Wrecka  courtesy APM Music
  • Ring My Bell  courtesy of Peermusic III, o/b/o itself and Two Knights Publishing
  • Tea Ceremony  courtesy APM Music


  • The camera shot of the resurrected Elizabeth Helm looking at herself in the mirror while putting on lipstick is identical to the shot of Lauren looking at herself in the mirror in Of All the Gin Joints, as she removes the film with DNA from her lips — except for the positions being transposed.
  • Tomoe Gozen was a warrior woman in Japanese history. A female samurai during the late twelfth century, she is known for beheading Honda no Moroshige of Musashi, killing Uchida Ieyoshi, and escaping capture by Hatakeyama Shigetada.