Baku (203)

A Baku is a shy Light Fae species that eats nightmares.

Character arc

The Baku can counterbalance the effects of a Mare. The skin of a Baku wards off disease; consequently, they were hunted and killed for their pelts and almost became extinct.

A Baku was among the corpses at a mass Fae grave site and Tamsin said it had been fed on by a Mare (Adventures in Fae-bysitting).


Baku are Japanese supernatural beings that devour dreams and nightmares. They have a long history in Japanese folklore and art, and more recently have appeared in Japanese anime and manga. In recent years, there have been changes in how the baku is depicted. When a Baku dies, their pelt can ward off disease. Because of this, they have been hunted almost to extinction. For this reason, they live in very isolated areas.[1]