Bertram - Albaster (110)

Bertram, an Albaster

An Albaster is a Fae species that feeds off of sexual shame. Regarded as the natural enemy of the Succubus, Albasters siphon chi from their victims through their hands, by touching their victim. They are the natural enemy of succubi by creating regret and feelings of repulsion and remorse in their victims for their sexual activity. This leads to the victim developing eating disorders and ultimately committing suicide.

Character Arc

Albasters are elitist creatures of forced abstinence and see sexual pleasure as a sign of weakness. They derive increased physical strength from the chi of their victims. Albasters possess some degree of natural resistance to the seductive powers of Succubi; however, because they can experience sexual pleasure and lust, they are susceptible to the draining abilities and seduction of a powerful Succubus (such as Aife).

Bertram is an Albaster. When he surprised Bo in her home, he called her a "whore" and when she asked what he was doing there, he responded "you were asking for it when you pulled that little whorish trick at the bar and revealed yourself". He called his victims "bitches" because they had succumbed to sexual desire at some time in their life.

Although an Albaster feeds from chi, they use their hands to drain energy (whereas their Succubus counterpart feeds from energy drawn through the mouth or created from sexual physical pleasure). Their eyes glow blue, like a Succubus.


(No mythology or folklore has been found regarding "Albaster".)